Offering Online Personal Training And Nutrition Coaching Nation-wide. Lets Re-define Personal Training!


To promote positive experiences in fitness and overall health and wellness through the CONSISTENT  implementation of individual ACTIONS concerning daily habits. To help prepare the next generation to prioritize fitness and promote advancing current fitness levels through competitive and routine performance and physique enhancement-based goals. The Vision is to teach clients about nutrition and training to meet personal goals, be a pillar of change in the local community, and reach people all over the world through providing online vitality coaching to enhance a sense of well-being and fitness.


To Train, Tone, and Transform hearts, minds, and bodies so everyone can feel like they are the very BEST version of themselves. To teach and offer information on how to incorporate daily habits and prioritize consistent efforts OVER crash dieting and unhealthy practices that do not offer long-term results. To uplift and encourage competitive physique enhancement through the lens of bodybuilding in order to TEST AND PUSH FITNESS LIMITS and encourage pride in self-discipline.  To promote the importance of positive nutrition and movement-based lifestyle habits that can lead to a better quality of life.


To use foods that we put into our bodies and movement that we do WITH our bodies to instill confidence. To use fitness as a method to fight negative energy, fight depression and anxiety, and introduce to people their INNER and OUTER strength.  Fitness is more than what you look like.  The discipline that it takes to diet, hit a new personal record with lifting in the gym, consistently pushing strength limits, and refusing high sugary, processed foods for amounts of time to achieve goals……This all builds real traits inside that explode into other areas of your life.  Fitness is strength, confidence, resilience, pride, discipline, grit, focus, determination, escape, FREEDOM!


The plan is ……Here! Team Trinity Fit offers Lifestyle Coaching and First Time Competition Prep training and nutrition, habit coaching, military training, corporate wellness development consultations, and much more in a variety of packages.  Trainer provides the plan, Clients complete the plan, results are assessed, changes are made and the trainer tracks you from start to finish for all types of fitness goals….. So, we just need to get you started. THERE ARE NO COOKIE-CUTTER PROGRAMS! ALL COACHING IS INDIVIDUALIZED AND CHANGES ARE MADE BASED ON INDIVIDUALS!

Do You have a Vitality Coach?

Im going to be bold in saying that I believe everyone should have an experienced, educated health and fitness coach to walk out life with you step by step and ensure you make it to your end goal regardless of what challenges may present themselves. As health and fitness coaches, we are not medical doctors but will assist each client in modifying lifestyle habits toward the client’s target goal. Having a health and wellness coach means you have someone you can talk to about your fitness and nutrition goals and who gives you insight and recommendations on how to improve over time. Breaking bad habits takes time and having a vitality coach like Latrice will supercharge your way forward and prevent wasted time trying to figure everything out on your own.

What is Re-defined Vitality Coaching?

Vitality coaching is a type of coaching that promotes overall health and well-being. It aims to assist individuals in improving their physical, emotional, and mental well-being by offering support, guidance, and motivation. Vitality coaches collaborate with clients to identify goals and create tailored plans for achieving them.

Vitality coaching’s primary mission is to help individuals enhance their vitality, which refers to energy level, and zest for life. They understand that true health comes not just from being free of illness but also from having a positive mind and body. Therefore, vitality coaches work with clients on developing healthy habits such as regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress management.

in 2023, Latrice redefines vitality coaching to provide elite-level coaching systems to the mass population. She does this by carefully understanding each one of her clients and working with them on their INDIVIDUAL issues to achieve an overall increased level of health and wellness. Not only does she promote standard health and wellness but she also promotes ELITE health and wellness that requires and demands EXCELLENCE for those who are up for the challenge. Latrice offers advanced physique enhancement systems to coach you in vitality and step into the best DISCIPLINED version of yourself while you accomplish the highest level of fitness you have ever had !

Vitality coaching is built upon the idea that every individual has unique needs and circumstances that necessitate a personalized approach to achieving optimal health. Vitality coaches offer guidance and support as clients make sustainable lifestyle changes that enhance their overall well-being.

Vitality coaching helps individuals improve their physical and mental health and fitness; manage stress more effectively; develop healthier eating habits to shed pounds; boost energy and productivity levels; and achieve new fitness levels that they have never achieved before. Latrice believes in every client’s ability to SELF-sustain their individual fitness levels and improve by adopting a new mindset and learning how to be consistent over time.

Benefits you will receive with Vitality Coaching:

  • Improved overall health and wellbeing
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced self-esteem and confidence due to your ability to trust yourself and prove to yourself you can make changes
  • Better stress management and coping skills
  • Improved sleep quality due to recommendations on sleep improvement
  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Improved relationships and communication skills
  • Greater work-life balance
  • Increased resilience and adaptability
  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Greater sense of purpose and direction due to customized plan delivered to understand daily expectations
  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities
  • Improved physical fitness and strength
  • Increased self-awareness and personal growth
  • Overall improvement in quality of life
  • Improve nutritional understanding and food choices
  • More positive relationship with food by identifying potential outside counseling services that may be needed
  • Collaboration with your vitality coach and other medical professionals to work as a team to structure a plan to improve overall health

Choose the Right Plan For You

Discounted Packages
for Veterans and
Active Duty Military

Applies to all 3 month paid in full packages

Trainer has 18 years of military experience that covers wide variety of areas including preparing athletes for Combat Fitness Test, military body composition standards, combat fitness techniques, developing fitness abilities and mentoring 60 or more Soldiers at a time and much more services that are essential in strength and performance goals needed to excel at being a Soldier, Airman, Sailor, or Marine. Trainer reviews body composition analysis given and helps military member improve strength and endurance through nutrition and training programs that are written to address individual weaknesses.

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A Plan, Discipline, and a Coach

Have You Tried Everything To Get Results.And You Are Frustrated ?

Well, I have been in this same place and what I found just may shock you The problem was not ONLY the training and nutrition but The problem was underestimating the TIME and CONSISTENCY needed to achieve the body composition of my DREAMS was doing the “right” things but if I didn’t see the change immediately or within a couple of weeks I would quit, binge eat, and then “Start over on Monday” I wanted to feel confident in my skin I wanted my passion for health and fitness to reflect on the outside I got tired of showing up to the gym every day and running miles and miles to see little to no change in my body composition I got tired of going to the gym looking the same I got tired of thinking that I could spin 2 hours in the gym and “earn” my food I used to think that I could “out-work” a bad diet I used to blame my schedule, my obligations, my body type, my genetics….etc for not seeing results

This is What I Found

I Needed To Get Really Honest With Myself And Ask The Hard Question: How Bad Do I Really Want This? How Bad Do I Want To Get My Health Back? How Bad Do I Want To Transform My Mind And Body? How Bad Do I Want To Get In Shape? Because The Truth Is You Will Find A Way For What Is Important To You !

I had to stop thinking that I had it figured out and HIRE A COACH to help me learn through the process of complete body transformation (yes, coaches need coaches too!) I needed legit accountability and a program

I was “doing all the things” but not doing anything that supported my unique goals. I was on youtube, social media, google, and subscribing to way too many apps and all other platforms in hope to find “THE ONE THING” that was going to do it for me. I needed a plan specific FOR ME !

I underestimated the time and patience it would take to figure out my body and how to manipulate food and training to get results. Quick Fixes will NOT last long term !

I had to learn how to enjoy the process and keep my focus on LONG term vs. SHORT term. The process is the good stuff and the bad stuff. The scale will fluctuate, you will have bad days in the gym, some days energy will be low, life emergencies, competing priorities, work long hours, kids sports practice, sickness, injuries….etc. All these things could happen. But it DOES NOT give you an excuse to give up on your dreams. Enjoying the process of your fitness journey AND the knowledge learned is the BEST PART. The results will come if you prioritize the process.

So Why Team Trinity Fit ?

Work With A Coach That Has Experience Through Personal Action

There are many fitness enthusiast in the industry and that is AWESOME ! But not all have achieved a full body transformation experience. I started body building because I knew that in order to provide my clients with real results, sustainable and long term weight management techniques, and concrete exercise routine….I first, had to be the example and PERSONALLY experience all the details that go into total body transformation. Choose Team Trinity Fit because Latrice KNOWS what it is like to train hard, diet hard, and GRIND towards a goal. You don’t only get a trainer, you get a COACH to guide you through the day to day troubles with staying on track towards your target! Whatever your fitness goal is…..Latrice can work with you to find a solution that fits your lifestyle.


Each plan and package is well thought out and written for your specific needs. Latrice works with all clients to determine the best approach to meet goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle and so you can continue to enjoy life in the process. She strives to MAXIMIZES program ADHERENCE vs pushing a plan on the client that they may not be ready for. She is tough, but fair, and values client-coach relationship. Plans are made and adjusted with your injuries, lifestyle, schedule, recommendations, and learning styles in mind.


Latrice works WITH her clients and takes all comments and concerns into consideration. She values a true relationship with all her clients and believes in their ability to achieve whatever goal that they put their minds to.


These programs are not only structured for clients for physical goals but she also addresses overall lifestyle of clients to ensure environments are optimized by including habits to be practiced DAILY to MAINTAIN goals long term. Short term results are great, but they will be a waste of time if clients do not understand the why behind the what and cannot maintain desired results.


She understand the “total human” and how emotions, mindset, relationship with foods, family support, job, stress, hormones, family life, sleep, etc fits into your decision to start or continue healthy eating and exercise routines.


Latrice makes herself available daily to answer your questions with prompt responses. All communication is quick and easy through online coaching app.


All training and nutrition programs are loaded into an easy to learn app that can be found on all smart devices. App demonstrates exercises, records progressive overload for muscle building, tracks nutrition, syncs with fitness activity devices, and much more.


Your health is important. Team Trinity Fit does not do aggressive and unhealthy weight-loss protocols (Crash dieting). You will not be on 1200 calorie diets, drastic intermittent fasting, smoothie cleanses, detoxes, and all the other named “diets” on the market. Latrice believes in slow, steady, healthy, sustainable weight loss to minimize loss of lean body mass.

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