Nutrition Packages

What To Expect?

  • Expect to incorporate whole nutritious foods into diet

  • Expect to learn portion control and having your favorite foods in moderation to meet goals (Flexible Dieting)

  • Expect changes and modifications to fit your lifestyle this increases overall program adherence

  • Expect to NOT have EXTREME restrictions when dieting.  We have lots of options to get you to your goal and your coach will not be closed-minded when helping you as an individual explore the options that work best 

  • Expect your coach to collaborate with medical professionals to help you to follow plan given and hold you accountable as well as provide recommendations to outside agencies to help treat disorderly eating behaviors

  • Expect to learn detailed DAILY habits to support overall health and fitness goals

What To Not Expect

  • Crash Dieting

  • Extreme low-calorie recommendations

  • Promotion of any “named diet”

  • Excessive supplementation recommendations

  • Advice to treat a medically diagnosed condition (Please see your primary care provider or Registered Dietician)

  • Over-night results

  • Recommendations for un-realistic timelines to achieve goals

ALL Packages Offered are NATION-WIDE



Nutrition and Habit Coaching

  •  $10 Discount if Paid in Full

  • Nutrition / Habit Coaching Only; No training

  • Monthly Rate

  • 3 month obligation

  • Customized nutrition to meet fitness goals

  • – Weekly compliance check ins

  • – Monitoring of body fat and weight overtime and adjustments to plan as needed

  • – Access to app to build your own workouts / access to thousands of exercises (NOT monitored by trainer. Upgrade for this option)

  • – Flexible dieting strategies to teach you how to maintain weight after plan

  • – progress photo tracking

  • – Nutritional Habit Coaching – implementing and mastering daily habits to achieve goals

  • – access to Team Trinity Fit private FB Group


Single Plan Nutrition Only

  • One single customized educational nutrition program

  • – Good for clients to get an idea of proper macronutrient breakdown

  • – Good for clients with history of nutritional knowledge

  • – Good for clients who want an idea of how to structure meals to meet goals and enhance performance in the gym

  • – Comes with meal structure instructions as well as recommended MACROS according to individual goals

  • = Training is NOT included.

  • – No changes to either program

  • -Does not come with coaching services and accountability.
  • Programs Only

  • Plan does not come with consistent monitoring in app


SMART Meal Plan Platform

  • **Monthly Rate***

  • This nutrition platform delivers:

  • – Recipes

  • – Calorie count and macros per food

  • – Ingredients

  • – Video of how to cook meals

  • – Features to filter based on preferences (vegan, vegetarian, soy-free, egg-free, etc)

  • – Has times to cook for people on the go and for those who love to make new recipes

  • – Ability to swap meals with similar alternatives that meet nutritional goals

  • – New recipes loaded often

  • – does not come with hand-written nutrition plans from trainer

  • – does not come with training and exercise programming

Contact With Your Coach

    How does Online Habit / Nutrition Coaching Services work?