Bikini Bod ​Challenge Details:

CHALLENGE is listed for 5 months to allow significant time to build habits, lose appropriate amounts of body fat, begin a Solid resistance training program and begin to shape the body and to allow for commitment to seeing actual change in your physique by investing time and effort.

  • Includes 1 Free Zoom call to meet trainer and discuss program and answer questions
  • Includes all Training and Nutrition Programs needed and customized to the individual
  • Includes 1-1 access to fitness coach 7 days a week VIA training app
  • Includes unlimited health and fitness resources
  • Includes full physique assessment and tips and tricks on how to build physique of your dreams
  • Includes weekly check ins with coach to ensure progress is made along the way
  • Includes analysis of body composition through referrals to outside programs that offer official bod composition analysis
  • Includes unlimited modifications to training and nutrition programs to fit your changing lifestyle from day to day

Fitness program is a 5 month program to PRODUCE RESULTS in a healthy manner. We will not do any crash dieting or unsafe dieting protocols

5 month Training Package Valued at $900

(based on $180 month standard package)



Total Price for 5 months of 1-1 Nutrition and Training Services:


(when paid in full)


(when paid in 3 installments of $260)

I look forward to working with you and getting you to your goals. Check out the testimonial page or google reviews for what clients are saying about coaching experiences.

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