Life-Style Client Packages

****Non-Competitive**** Offered NATION-WIDE

What To Expect?

  • Expect a Solid Training plan with cardiovascular endurance and strength training plans to fit your life style and fitness goals
  • Expect hypertrophy (muscle building) plans to break through lifting plateaus by understanding progressive overload with appropriate distribution of volume of training for major muscle groups.
  • Expect to train SMART and HARD in the gym and give everything you got on a daily basis…..this builds discipline
  • Expect compassion and toughness from your coach when you need it to get back on track.
  • Expect recommendations for exercises based on injuries and training background.
  • Expect collaboration with client to determine form of exercise that client enjoys and creating a plan to make that training style more optimal.

What NOT to expect?

Do not expect results without WORK

Do not expect short cuts to your goals that will not produce long term sustainable approaches



  • New Nutrition platform that gives recipes, portion sizes, and the caloric value of food choices
  • MACRO tracking / Flexible dieting education
  • Unlimited Home and Gym workouts
  • Customized workouts
  • Access to easy to use Fitness App (Trainerize) with Exercise Library – managed by Trainer
  • Life-style habit recommendations
  • 7 day a week access to trainer VIA chat/email/text
  • Includes overall Wellness tracking VIA outside referrals, body fat measurements, and body composition tracking​
  • Highly adaptable to clients with injuries and types of exercise restrictions
  • Program “exit” plan after the termination of services in order to continue progress on your own
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Unlimited Nutrition/training educational resources
  • All plans are downloadable and able to keep for a lifetime
  • Access to Team Trinity Fit private FB Group

**Discount if 3 months paid in full*****


online training and habit coaching only

  • Includes written training plans from trainer in easy to use coaching app.
  • App shows proper execution of all exercises as well as rep ranges, intensity, modifications, target muscle groups, training modality etc.
  • Includes progressive overload tracking system for resistance training to see strength over time
  • Includes modifications to training plans based on schedule, injuries, client prefrerences and more
  • Includes all cardiovascular programming and recommendations
  • 7 day a week monitoring and access to trainer VIA chat/email/text
  • Wellness outside referrals, body fat measurements, and body composition tracking


single plan TRAINING ONLY

  • One single customized training plan
  • Good for clients looking for ideas of plans that will work for a short amount of time
  • Does not include Nutrition (see single nutrition plan)
  • Comes with 7 weeks of training for hypertrophy / strength training
  • Clients can choose home or gym workouts and training modality preferred
  • No changes to either program
  • Does not come with coaching services and accountability.
  • Does not come with consistent changes
  • If local, clients can add $40 for ONE 1-1 training to go over program in the gym to familiarize clients with the plan


45 min strategy/goal setting zoom call

  • Choose ONE primary topic of discussion
  • Training Program
  • Basic Nutrition Guidance
  • Daily Habits
  • How to Maintain Weight
  • How to Meal Prep
  • How to build hypertrophy (muscle building) program on your own
  • Navigating fitness goals and Social Life
  • Understanding Energy Balance and daily structure of life-style to meet goals
  • Pick your own topic

$50 p/hr

In person one hour training sessions

  • Can be combined with any other package
  • 1 hr in person training sessions in local gym
  • Additional cost if trainer has to travel depending on distance
  • If client purchases 8 or more sessions, online coaching app comes free as long as 8 sessions are maintained.
  • If client purchases less than 8 sessions of 1-1 training, online and nutrition coaching or other packages will be combined at a 10% discounted rate.
  • All other features apply

*Everyone who books services after a PAID strategy call will receive discount on first month’s training

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